Thank you for taking advantage of our Singles’s Day Spend More and Save promotion.  For a limited time, total purchases over $600 were reduced 30%, total purchases over $400 were reduced 20% and total purchases over $200 were reduced 10%.  Total purchases take into account Returns. When goods from a promotional purchase are returned, our system automatically removes the discount code if the purchase no longer qualifies (ie. falls below the discount threshold). 


Example:  Customer-A places an order for $600 and which qualifies for promo code 1111-30 or 30% off their order.  2 weeks later, Customer-A returns $200 in goods. The original promotional code for 30% is reverted as the total purchase amount no longer qualifies.  Our returns team applies the adjusted promo code for new purchase amount.  Customer-A is refunded the difference between the original purchase amount with the original discount code applied ($600 less 30% = $420), and the new purchase amount with the new discount code applied ($600 - $200 = $400 less 20% = $320.  $420 - $320 = $100 refund).


Roucha’s returns team will send a screenshot of the supporting math for all returns related to the Spend More and Save Promotion.


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