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Our Favorite Unisex Deodorant
No 5
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Our favorite deodorant.  So well done it replaces wearing fragrance on casual days. But never overpowers.

We rotate between No 5 and No 3.

No 5 is a little bit more woodsy. And a touch more masculine. No 3 is a little bit more powdery. A little bit more floral. 

After a tireless search for the best deodorant sans aluminum (the toxic ingredient mimics estrogen and the underarm can absorb up to 100% of what you apply), Agent Nateur's Founder Jena blended her own. Jena’s personal journey with endometriosis and adenomyosis led her to craft a lush deodorant blended with honey, lavender, and eucalyptus.


Coconut Oil: A nourishing oil that contains a unique combination of fatty acids recognized for their health benefits. About 50% of these fatty acids are lauric acid, a powerful antimicrobial known to soothe blemishes, eradicate harmful pathogens, and protect the skin.

Avocado Butter: Produced from the flesh of the avocado fruit and offers nature’s purest vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. This rich balm melts upon contact with the skin, leaving a protective layer with a velvety finish.

Castor Oil: Produced by cold-pressing seeds from the Ricinus communis plant. This thick antibacterial oil is known to reduce the appearance of inflammation, moisturize, and protect against bacterial infections.

Sandalwood Oil: A natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory commonly used in aromatherapy rituals. Its earthy aroma promotes calmness and harmony while supporting the third eye chakra and fostering deeper connection with the self.

Vetiver Oil: Extracted from tall grasses native to India. Commonly used in cologne for its slightly-smoky scent, this alluring oil also balances the root chakra, encouraging growth and expansion.

Agent Nateur products are Ecocert organic certified and compatible with even the most sensitive skin.