November 7 2017

I've dedicated my career to art and aesthetics by way of luxury fashion.  I've been a Founder, Creative Director, Buyer and Stylist in the industry for 15 years. I founded the luxury retailer Totokaelo in 2003 and grew it from a single door in Seattle to a bi-coastal and online specialty retailer globally acknowledged for curating the best in luxury fashion.

My interest in fashion and clothing has never been shallow. I engage because of fashion's ability to influence culture and the dominant social ideas.  The clothing we wear is a visual representation of our values, and that representation matters and influences the world around us.

Within fashion, I resonate with designers who represent female strength, intellect and irreverence. I've been inspired and influenced by, among others, Martin Margiela, Phoebe Philo, Rei Kawakubo and Dries Van Noten.

I love my job. I love attending Paris and Milan fashion weeks and runways shows. However with size 16 curves, finding clothing that I love and that fits, is a problem.  There's a major disconnect between what's happening in global fashion and the clothing that's available for women over a size 10.  

ROUCHA is my solution – along with my favorite and most personal project to date.

It's not a plus size collection, it's a rethinking of size and fit. I designed the clothing I want to wear — clothing that's missing from the market entirely. Clothing that's effortless and easy to wear. That drapes without clinging to my body. That's oversized without adding bulk. That flatters while still reflecting attitude and confidence.

I've spent thousands of hours in the fitting rooms of my retail stores styling women of all sizes, shapes, ages and colors. Everything I know about fit originates from the candid conversations had in these rooms.

While ROUCHA fits everyone, it's not designed for everyone. It's created for women who are strong, smart and who push against norms and expectations that we don't subscribe too or believe in. ROUCHA is for women who are ahead of the curve.

As a jumping off point, ROUCHA fits women who weigh between 100 to 220 pounds and who are between 5 feet to 6 feet tall.  All 150 styles are sized on ROUCHA's height-weight chart and most sizes are offered in two lengths (for shorties!). The clothing is photographed on models ranging from sizes 2 to 16, and we're regularly adding imagery of ROUCHA on more and varied body types.

Because this is a new concept, your trust is required. Trust in the size chart, the design, and the idea that clothing photographed on a size 4 can also flatter a size 14.  I'll get into the details of 'how' in subsequent blog posts. However, in the beginning, I'm asking for your trust. The clothing is dope and fits fucking awesome and I've tried every style on women sizes 4 to 18, apples and pears (1), and it works.

To thank you for your trust, if you purchase over $200 of Roucha clothing in the first 30 days, you'll receive free shipping for life (2).

I want Roucha to initiate change in the industry. For this to happen on a large scale, we need as much feedback on sizing and fit as you'll give us. I'll read every email sent to both hello@roucha.com and jill@roucha.com for Roucha's first 90 days. Please let us know what you love and what you don't.

If you resonate with the aesthetic and want to work with a stylist to find your individual voice within the collection, please email stylist@roucha.com. I have a sample set (Size C) in the studio and am taking select styling appointments. 

I hope I can rely on your feedback and conversation to help me keep creating clothing that's as strong, intellectually powerful and irreverent as the women who wear it.  



Jill Wenger