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Caroline Harbro

Meet Copenhagen based stylist Caroline Harbro.  One of our favorites stylists and someone we've been had our eye on for some time.  She'll rock a sheer, fitted dress one day and oversize bomber and big leather pants the next.  She fully mixes it up and it's dope.  The through-line is the embodiment of confidence and strength.

All looks styled by Caro.  Most pieces are Roucha.  Mixed with some of her personal vintage pieces and accessories.

Look 1:  Dahl Crossover Denim, Tammy T-ShirtOta Double Face Jacket

Look 2:  Diana Pleated DenimTalcott SweaterOkuda Down Jacket

Look 3:  Plana PantOba Wrap Blazer, Hooded Sweatshirt (Stylists Own)

Look 4:  Diane CorduroyTilo SweaterOka Cotton Twill CoatOller Cashmere Coat

Look 5:  Dahl Crossover DenimOrwell Denim Jacket, Top (Stylists Own)

Look 6:  Dahl Crossover DenimTol TurtleneckTosh T-Shirt

Look 7:  Pleat SweatpantsOkuda Down Jacket

Look 8:  Thaulow Reversible Shirt,  Pants (Stylists Own)


Photographed by Adam Katz Sinding
in Copenhagen, Denmark
You can find Caroline here: @carolineharbro
You can find Adam here: @aks