"It took me a few orders and a few returns, but now I have my new favorite sweater, dress, shirt/tunic and pants. Every piece fits like a dream, the quality is as good or better than things for which I’ve paid double, and I already want to l-i-v-e in them every day. I can finally wear things that are intentionally cut for MY body. You’ve got this down to a science. These are the pieces that make buying fewer, better things simple, enjoyable and within reach. I have to say: it’s about time. Pretty damn genius."

"Received my pants today. GENIUS. LOVE THEM. I love what you all are doing and I just ordered a bunch more. Brilliant work. Much love."


"Your pieces will be the lynch pin of my wardrobe in not only in my day job but in my other role as I step out in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and other places as Chair of a large charitable organization. Finding clothes that are culturally appropriate while still edgy is tough, but you've nailed it!"


“My pants arrived and I’m wearing them and never taking them off! They’re perfection! Thank you thank you!”


"I was lucky enough to come across Roucha soon after its launch and am thrilled to have found it. I bought a sweater and a couple of pants. Overall, The quality of the material and the details of the designs are excellent— much better than similarly priced items online or in real life. The sizing took a bit of explaining for me—but now that I understand it, I think it’s brilliant."


"I literally just arrived home from Miami to boxes from Roucha. Of course, I opened them before doing anything else. Let me just say that you are creating something beautiful and fantastic here. The textiles alone are a story. Your eye and taste for those is rare. I'm so impressed."

"The shape and drape of the designs seem to sit on that so-difficult-to-hit line between fluid and voluminous. And because you have address to give the full range of sizes, I suspect any woman -- from the smallest or most angular, the to tallest or most curvaceous/zaftig -- will be able to find the right fit."

“Wore my new favorite coat yesterday with black trousers, thin cashmere crew and vans. I’ve never received so many positive, envious comments in recent years. Most comments were about the luxurious fit, the feel and most often...the gorgeous color.”

“Thank you !! Love the clothes and they fit perfectly 😍”

“...I want to share how pleased I am with the total quality of the ROUCHA trousers I purchased (arrived today — material, cut, drape). And...there is the same attention to packaging and service that I came to know and love with Totokaelo...and then there is the balm that comes from your message and company’s ethos of femininity, strength and courage. Service is paramount to everything I do & value personally and professionally across disciplines. It’s rare. Thank you for doing it right. Du courage, sister."

"Now I just have to worry about liking more than one of them so much I have to buy two... And my sudden urge for a new pair of Nikes. Damn your styling witchcraft. I knew I was right about Roucha:) Thank you very much - I’m crazy excited."

"Thank you! Did I mention I’m excited?"


"I could scrap most of my closet and add in all of Roucha because the colors and pieces work so well together. That's the type of wardrobe I want right now — beautiful pieces that just work together and I won't get tired or bored with them. I hardly shop anymore because I'm not finding much that is super inspiring. But I love your mission and the clothes look dope (major bonus points for the hand wash/machine wash care). So, this is perfect timing."

"On a personal note, there are so many pieces on the site that I like, they all fill gaps in my wardrobe (plus so much navy!), and the price points are awesome. I can’t wait to find my fit and finally have a place to shop again."

"I would buy every single piece you designed if I could.... Really love what you are doing. The jewelry too. Thank you! :)"

"Thank you so much for the update. I am so excited to get my order!! I love everything on the site and am so excited by what you're all doing at Roucha."

"...the curved hem pants arrived and they are amazing. Favorite pants ever!"

" killed it. The end. Drop the motherfucking microphone, shut the front door, bananas good."